The story of BUGG’S

The story of BUGG’S begun during the early spring in 2022 at the northern coast of Estonia, pure and clean Northern Europe. The company founder had taken a look towards the reed field filling the coast line front of his eyes, and waiting for the melodic chirping by the summer habitants in the reeds. Earlier thoughts of reducing his own meat consumption and finding alternative protein sources got the new meaning right in this moment. Begun a research work of edible insects, especially crickets and their nutritional values, market trends and farming. Surprisingly the nearest local cricket farm was found as near as 100 kilometres away, and after some delicious tastings the cricket based food company was born. Today, BUGG’S Crickets has a wide product range of both ready-to-eat, flavoured and roasted Cricked Snacks, and ready-to-cook Cricket Powder. Both Delicious and available in our own online store and retail. Take part into our journey by testing our products and helping to save the planet together. Our vision is to become the no1 cricket snacks brand in the world!

BUGG’S products comes from Estonia, EU. The farming and production of goods is registered by Agriculture and Food Board of Estonia.

Contact BUGG’S

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Tallinn, Estonia