Why Crickets are so good for us?

There are a number of benefits to eating crickets. And yes, they are delicious!

Crickets are a highly nutritious and healthy food source with high protein, vitamin, good fat, iron, fiber and mineral content. They are way more easier and environmentally friendly to produce than other animal proteins such as beef, pork or chicken, and provide food at low environmental cost.

BUGG’s Cricket products range consists of super delicious ready-to-eat Cricket Snacks with many flavour options, and ready-to-cook, protein rich Cricket Powder to give an extra protein and nutritional kick for cooking, baking and smoothies.


What does Crickets taste like?

The first thing many people say is that they taste like a nut. Chefs and more refined folk say that they have a nutty umani flavor to them. Most people are surprised by the fact that they like the taste and many customers buy them in bulk because they like them so much.

Crickets have a uniquely nutty, slightly smoky essence, with just a hint of astringency on the back of the palate. It’s a very pleasant umami flavor which with deepens with roasting. Crickets are just delicious, both as BUGG’S natural snacks and cricket powder and in various flavoured tastes.

BUGG’S Ready to eat Cricket snacks are available in 5 different flavors: Natural Original, Sea Salt, Bacon & Mustard, Lime & Chilli, and Sour Cream & Onion. And as a natural Cricket Powder.


How crickets could help save the planet?

The world’s population has reached 8 billion, and estimates suggest we’ll have a whopping 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050.

Unless we all stick to salads, the global production of meat will need to double in that time to feed our growing population, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO). Feed and crop production will also have to increase in kind to support livestock and our own appetites, inevitably taking up more land space and water — precious and dwindling commodities required for cattle.

Yet this seemingly large food security problem may have a bite-sized solution: insects.

In a 2013 report, the FAO suggested our current farming and food production practices are unsustainable — but that edible insects are a viable, untapped resource that could help meet the food and water demands of the world’s ever-expanding population. And it’s really no wonder: Insects are highly nutritious, and also far more environmentally friendly to raise than conventional livestock. Compared with cows, pigs, or chickens, crickets require a fraction of the land, water, and food, and produce less greenhouse gases and ammonia. (NBC News)

What can you make with Cricket Powder?

Cricket powder, due to its neutral flavour, is actually meant to be put into lots of different recipes. Mix it with baking flour and you can increase the protein in your bread or baked goods. Mix it in your salad dressing to boost nutrition. Mix it in your breakfast shakes and smoothies for extra energy.

Essentially, a spoonful of cricket flour can be worked into just about any recipe you’d like to add a protein boost to -from smoothie bowls to pasta sauces, pancakes, tacos, salads, woks, omelette, porridge, soups… Just name it and test it!


Why Crickets are the Ultimate Superfood?

If you’re looking for a nutrient-dense, eco-friendly protein source, look no further than crickets. These tiny creatures are packed with high-quality protein, essential vitamins, healthy fats, iron, fiber, and vital minerals. This makes crickets an ultimate superfood, surpassing traditional animal proteins like beef, pork, and chicken in terms of nutritional value and environmental sustainability.

Our BUGG’S product line takes the nutritional benefits of crickets and combines them with mouthwatering flavors to create an array of ready-to-eat Cricket Snacks. Plus, our protein-rich, ready-to-cook Cricket Powder is perfect for those looking to add a nutritional punch to their cooking, baking, or smoothies. Incorporate our cricket products into your healthy lifestyle and experience the power of this superfood.

Savor the Unique Flavor Profile of Crickets

Wondering about the taste of crickets? Most of our customers describe the flavor as pleasantly surprising. Crickets have a distinct, nutty umami flavor, somewhat akin to roasted nuts. Roasting brings out a depth in their flavor, adding a smoky essence with a hint of astringency that leaves a pleasing taste on the palate.

BUGG’S takes this unique flavor and turns it into ready-to-eat Cricket Snacks available in five different flavors: Natural Original, Sea Salt, Bacon & Mustard, Lime & Chilli, and Sour Cream & Onion. Our natural Cricket Powder is also a favorite among adventurous cooks looking to add a unique twist to their dishes.

Embrace Crickets: The Sustainable Food Source

In a world grappling with population growth and the need for sustainable food sources, crickets present a promising solution. Current methods of meat and crop production are putting a strain on our planet’s resources. Crickets, being nutrient-dense and environmentally-friendly, could be the answer we need.

Crickets require far fewer resources than conventional livestock – they need less land, water, and food, and produce fewer greenhouse gases and ammonia. By choosing cricket-based foods from BUGG’S, you’re making a choice that supports a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity with Cricket Powder

Cricket Powder is a versatile addition to any kitchen due to its neutral flavor. This makes it ideal for a wide range of recipes. Whether you’re mixing it with baking flour to create protein-rich bread and baked goods, adding it to salad dressings for a nutrient boost, or blending it into breakfast shakes and smoothies for an energy kickstart, the possibilities are limitless.

With BUGG’S Cricket Powder, you can give a protein boost to everything from smoothie bowls, pasta sauces, pancakes, tacos, salads, woks, omelettes, porridge, to soups. Explore the culinary world with our cricket powder and discover new ways to nourish your body.

Join BUGG’S: The Pioneer in Cricket-Based Foods

Eat BUGG’S Ltd is a pioneer in the cricket-based food industry. From our headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, we’re committed to providing our customers with nutritious, sustainable, and innovative food products. When you choose BUGG’S, you’re joining a global community that’s steering towards a sustainable, healthy future.